Mumma Nguyen's home-made spring rolls

w crispy iceberg lettuce, Vietnamese mint & a coconut, lime & carrot fish sauce

Chicken spring rolls                    $9


Prawn spring rolls                        $10


Chicken & Prawn spring rolls     $10


Tofu & veg spring rolls                $9

(6pcs) Vegan

Steamed Dumplings


Prawn dumplings                                  $8.5


Prawn & Chive dumplings                    $8.5


Wonton Pork & Prawn dumplings      $9


Vegetable dumplings                           $8.5

(4pcs) Vegan


Chilli Fried Chicken Wings               $9

w chilli sriracha mayo (2 large wings)

Chilli Fried Tofu                                 $9

w chilli sriracha mayo (10 pcs)

Chicken Skewers                               $8

w rich crushed peanut sauce (2 skewers)


Salt & Pepper Tofu green papaya 'slaw

w crackers (available in vegan)

Entree              $9

Main                 $14

Add Extra Veggies     |  Extra Meat  $3 .5    

Hand shredded chicken and prawn green papaya 'slaw

w crackers 

Entree              $9

Main                 $14


[all gluten-free]

Honey Soy Grilled Chicken       $3.80


Honey Soy Grilled Pork             $3.80


Poached chicken                        $3.30

Chicken Breast, dairy-free, fructose-free

Salt & Pepper Tofu                          $3.30

Vegan, plant-based, dairy free, fructose free

Burd Free range egg Omelette     $3.30


Cucumber & Pickled Carrots          $3

Vegan, low carb, plant-based, dairy-free, fructose-free

Tiger Prawn & Pork Belly                 $3.30

Dairy-free, fructose-free

Stir-Fried Beef                                   $3.30

w butter caramelised Onion


freshly baked and crunchy street-style French baguettes w picked carrots, daikon, onion, fresh herbs and SSE's special sauce


Vietnamese Ham                              $8


Stir-Fried Beef                                   $9

w Butter caramelised onion (warm)

Salt & Pepper Tofu                         $8

Vegan (request for no butter)

Vietnamese Herb Omelette          $9

Vegetarian, we proudly use Burd Farm Ethical free range eggs 

Salad Roll                                        $6

Vegan (request for no butter)

Honey Soy Grilled Chicken              $9


Honey Soy Grilled Pork                    $9



(For GF please ask for Vermicelli Noodles)

Fragrant, warm & satisfying. It's the Mother - Land's Signature Bowl of Pho [rice noodle soup]. Our Broth is a culmination of hours of slow simmering, seasoned w the family's secret recipe& garnished w fresh herbs, lime & beanshoots.


MED $13   |  LARGE  $14  |  CUP  $8

Mixed Poached Chicken & Beef

Rare Beef & Beef Balls

Shitake Mushrooms & Tofu (Vegan Broth Option)

Add Extra Veggies / Extra Noodles  $2.5    |  Extra Meat  $3 .5    

Poached Chicken 

Poached Chicken & Quail Eggs 

Tender Rare Beef 


(For GF please ask for Vermicelli Noodles)

Swimming in our awesome Pho broth, choose your own favourite dumplings below, served with seasonal green veggies!



MED $13   |  Add Noodles +$2.5

Wonton Pork & Prawn dumplings      


Vegetable dumplings                           

(4pcs) Vegan with vege broth

Add Extra Veggies / Extra Noodles  $2.5   

Extra Meat (please specify) $3 .5    

Prawn dumplings                                  


Prawn & Chive dumplings                   



This cool spring & summer Vietnamese staple is fast becoming a Melbourne favourite & Is best loved for being light, fresh & healthy. ​

Your choice of the following warm savoury is served on a bed of room temp vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs & veggies & a palate-tingling sweet & zesty coconut, lime & carrot fish sauce. The contrast in flavours, textures & temperature is refreshing!

Prawn Spring Rolls             $15

Contains peanuts as a garnish

Chicken Spring Rolls          $15

Contains peanuts as a garnish

Salt & Paper fried Tofu        $15

Vegan, gluten-free, contains peanuts as a garnish

Tofu Spring Rolls                  $15

Vegan, contains peanuts as a garnish

Add Extra Veggies $2.5  |   Extra Meat /Mushrooms $3.5    

Honey Soy Grilled Chicken       $15

Gluten-free, contains peanuts as a garnish

Honey Soy Grilled Pork             $15

Gluten-free, contains peanuts as a garnish

Tender Rare Beef w Caramelised Onion in Butter   $15

Gluten-free, contains peanuts as a garnish


Coconut Water                  $3.50

Fuzetea                               $4

Kerri Juice                          $3.50

Fruitbox                              $3

Glaceau Vitamin Water     $ 4

Powerade                            $4.50


Vietnamese Drip Coffee      $3.50

Vietnamese Ice Coffee         $4.5

Jasmine or Green Tea   Per Pot   $2

MT Franklin                                 $3

MT Franklin Sparkling                $3.60

Kombucha                                  $6

Soft Drink - Cans (300ml)           $3

Soft Drink - Bottles (600ml)        $4

Allergies: If you suffer from a food allergy or intolerance please tell our friendly staff when you place your order. The more information you give us, the more certain we can be of giving you the best food experience. Our menu allows us to alter some dishes to accommodate your allergy as we may be able to substitute or remove ingredients. Every care is taken to avoid any cross contamination whilst preparing a specific allergen free order but please note that we have a kitchen that does not have a specific allergy free zone.

Wheat and gluten free ingredients that are deep fried will use the same fryers in the kitchen as dishes not containing these ingredients. Therefore there may be a risk of cross contamination for extremely sensitive sufferers. We are able to inform you of each ingredient for your selected dish.
Please note that we cannot guarantee that any dish is completely free from allergens and that we ask you to inform us of any food allergy :)